Jack Marchese

Jack Marchese

Marchese Design Studios
Fine Art: Photography, Classical Figure Drawing,
Digital Imaging Media, Custom Picture Framing
Charcoal, watercolor, gouache, digital illustration


Artist Statement

At six months old I started drawing and haven’t stopped since. It seems I have a physical need to draw… I draw imagery… based on a need to translate what my eyes see and challenge myself to record it on paper.

The live model and human anatomy with its unique complexities inherent in every human body inspires me, a face for example inspires me to sketch and capture the essence of the personality with lines and a simple gesture of charcoal or graphite.

I’m drawn to the contrast and play of light on an object/surface or figure and try to represent this whether in a graphite/charcoal drawing or black and white photography.

I love pinhole photography and enjoy the experience of the “unknown” when I set up a pinhole shot, and the “surprise” element as the image reveals itself in the darkroom. Then the decision to alter it in Photoshop may come into play finalizing the image. At other times I use my manual 35mm Nikon FM to shoot an image while cognizant of a composition in mind, reproducing it exactly as I intended, the moment I snapped the shutter.

My images are to each viewer, a different experience yet a common one in that everyone “sees” the same image but will psychologically take away something different.

Finally, I love this quote…

“The simple and casual moments involved in drawing a sketch cannot hope to record the infinite variety and complexity of a subject, so contends itself with a partial statement, addressing this to the imagination for the full and perfect meaning…”

Paraphrased from an Illustrated Treatise on Pen Drawing by Charles D. Maginnis