Aethan Hart

Aethan Hart

Hudson, WI

Artistic Statement of Aethan Hart

When I was 13 years old, I wanted to go hunting. My father, a WWII vet, said I would be safer in the woods with a camera rather than a firearm. So began my photographic journey with a Canon 35mm ½ frame I received for Christmas that year.

My mother was a visual artist and with my father founded an audio visual business in Duluth, MN. From an early age, I was surrounded by art and audio visual recordings and equipment. I was encouraged to take many pictures and teetered on a variety of platforms including stills (35mm-4×5) and motion (16mm film, video tape) through high school and college. I have a BA in Art/Art History from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. I’ve was fortunate to work as a television photojournalist from 1973-2016. I am now retired, and concentrating on still images.

My images are what elicits an emotion within me at the time. The camera is a tool to get those feelings out to be experienced by others.

A successful photograph for me has geometric shapes in it. Triangles formed in various parts of an image are a signs of success. If I have circles, rectangles and squares too, all the better.

I find the process of recording fascinating.   Over the years my recording has been on film, video, audio tape and digital media. At one time I stamped the back of my still photos, “Documented by Aethan Hart”. Sometimes, just the recording can be more exciting than the finished product.

Instead of shooting, I now acquire content. My father was right, it is safer and more rewarding.